Q:     Will my iPod work on these radios?

A:     3rian radios are compatible with all generations of the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch,  as well as the iPod nano 1G, 2G; iPod mini; iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G.

Q:     Are 3rian radios just for ipods, What else can i play through it?

A:      You can connect just about any audio device to a 3rian radio! If your audio device has a headphone jack, line-out, or Bluetooth, then you can connect it to a 3rian radio! Upon request we’ve converted radios to connect to Musical instruments (guitar and keyboard) Digital radio receivers, and Wifi audio network devices. We also have added a line-out on the back of some radios to connect to PA systems.


Q:     Is your payment service secure?   Can I pay with a credit card?

A:      Yes!   You can shop at 3rian.com with confidence. All transactions are processed by Authorize.Net a leading payment gateway since 1996. No information is collected via 3rian.com.  The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks.

Accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and the Discover card

Q:     Why do some of the pictured radios on the site not have iPods docked on them?  Are they iPod docks?

A:       Yes, all 3rian radios are i-Pod compatible with a direct line-in installed on the back of the unit. When buying the USB upgrade you can request a built-in docking station on the top of the radio. .

Q:     How long will it take to receive my radio once I purchase it?

A:      It will take between 2 - 3 days on “ready to ship” items and 1- 2 weeks on upgrades and commission items after payment is received. The radios are commissioned and built as they are purchased.

Q:   Does the dock charge your iPod ?

A:    Yes! with the USB charger upgrade, both line-in and top-dock radios charge your iPod as soon as it’s plugged into the wall,  even when the radio is off!

Q:     What does “un-digitize” mean and how does the tube radio accomplish this?

A:     When talking about the tube un-digitizing your MP3, it is in reference to the process of breaking digital ones and zeros (binary code) into an analog frequency (the light within the tube).  This provides a warm and now unique reproduction of the music being played.  

Q:      What is the sound quality of old radios?

A:      Sound quality differs form radio to radio.  Some are equipped with tone (bass/treble control) which can help adjust the overall sound quality.  All of the 3rian radios have a very distinct sound that is warm but not overpowering,  You shouldn’t expect the same sound quality you would get with a hi-fi digital/solid-state unit... what you should expect is a crisp clear warm vintage sound!

Q:       What is the lifespan of a tube?  Do I have to change it regularly like a lightbulb?

A:        Tubes do not last forever but they were intended to.  A lot of these radios are still using their original tubes and they will last another 50 years if treated right. What  may cause a tube to burnout is either a power surge (from the wall outlet) or a electrical component failing.  During the electrical restoration process a surge protector is internally installed and all capacitors are replaced to prevent any tube trouble. All 3rian radios should withstand the test of time!

Q:     Is there a guarantee on 3rian radios?

A:      All radios are sold with a 60 day money back guarantee.  If you’re radio arrived damaged or does not work, simply ship the radio back to 3rian in the original packaging that you received it in. Your radio will be repaired for free or the price of your radio will be refunded to you in full.

Q:     Is there a repair service through 3rian?

A:     Yes!   if you have an antique radio of your own that needs restoration or modification, you can contact our service department for a direct quote.  Contact us here: [email protected]

Q:     I have my own radio, can you turn it into an iPod dock for me?

A:     Yes!   Contact 3rian’s restoration department [email protected]

to discuss your ideas and receive a quote!  Also, check out this link for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do ship internationally! 
If interested, send us a message, and we will give you a direct shipping quote. When shipping internationally, we also wire the proper cord plugs and adjust the input voltage according to your region of the world.                Shipping@3rian.com mailto:Shipping@3rian.com?subject=mailto:no_reply@apple.com?subject=email%20subjectshapeimage_4_link_0

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compatible with all ipods & iphones

One-of-a-kind I-pod Docking stations

 Antique Tube Radios                               http://www.3rian.com
Connect with the past!
Enjoy the beauty and warmth of a genuine antique 
3rian tube radio/MP3 dock.

   3rian is a Brooklyn based company that deals mainly through private trade, and word-of-mouth advertising. Our goal is to supply our clientele with one of a kind, original-fine-functioning radios ranging from the 1920’s to the late 60s. We have developed a reputation for selecting only the most desirable and fashionable retro and deco antique tube radios for our collection...

    Each and every one of our radios has been disassembled, cleaned, refinished, rewired with new components, and tested to ensure a long, beautiful, proper-functioning-life. Once restored, the radio is then converted to play your MP3’s through your choice of either a top-dock on the radio or a slightly more hidden direct line-in coming from the back of the unit, and now Bluetooth!

We will be pleased to hear any comments or questions that you may have. Thank you for taking an interest in our collection!


Contact:   [email protected]

ABOUT 3rian

“We've seen the future, and it's...  old!”
3rian Stands For Quality

3rian Stands For Quality

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Bluetooth Upgrade

The most exciting addition to 3rian radios is the option to wirelessly broadcast your music directly to your antique via Bluetooth!

Works at a distance 30+ feet away



USB Charger upgrade

  Never run out of battery power again while listening to your music. Charge your MP3 device while playing music, or even charge when the radio is off.

Compatible with all USB chargeable devices

Upgrade Your Radio!Upgrades.html

All 3rian radios come standard with an ipod/ MP3 line-in jack and a simple to operate switch installed on the back of the radio.

To use, power your radio on, wait for the tubes to warm, then flip the selector switch up to enjoy the radio, or switch down to activate MP3 line-in + upgrades.

Switch up

  1. Radio

Down For

  1. MP3 Line-IN

  2. USB Charger

  3. Bluetooth


USB Charger



*USB Charger & Bluetooth extra

Installed On back