The first antique tube radio ipod docking station is here!

Through the vacuum of tube technology, bring warmth and texture back to your MP3 collection!

Connect   with a piece      of   history!


Commission our antique radios with the option of a direct line-in or a built-in dock for your i-pod..

Antique Tube Radios                              

One-of-a-kind I-pod Docking stations  All Rights Reserved

               Copyright 2013

compatible with all ipods & iphones

Bluetooth Upgrade

The most exciting addition to 3rian radios is the option to wirelessly broadcast your music directly to your antique via Bluetooth!

Works at a distance 30+ feet away



USB Charger upgrade

  Never run out of battery power again while listening to your music. Charge your MP3 device while playing music, or even charge when the radio is off.

Compatible with all USB chargeable devices

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All 3rian radios come standard with an ipod/ MP3 line-in jack and a simple to operate switch installed on the back of the radio.

To use, power your radio on, wait for the tubes to warm, then flip the selector switch up to enjoy the radio, or switch down to activate MP3 line-in + upgrades.

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Switch up

  1. Radio

Down For

  1. MP3 Line-IN

  2. USB Charger

  3. Bluetooth


USB Charger



*USB Charger & Bluetooth extra

Installed On back