RCA Victor 5-C-591

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RCA Victor 5-C-591

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Made in 1954

Here we have an interesting RCA Victor from 1954. It has a separate volume control and tuning knob for the radio alarm function on the back of this unit. This is so you can set a different radio station to wake up to. Also, another interesting feature is the on /off /alarm switch. This switch is the entire clock face which rotates left and right to select on /off /alarm.  The radios cabinet is in almost flawless condition, with only minor wear.

Inside this radio we find a 5 tube AM tuner / amplifier  and a 4 inch loudspeaker.

This radio has been restored and converted with a direct MP3/iPhone line-in. USB charger and Bluetooth upgrades available.

Size: 11 x 7 x 8 inch

Price:    $395

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