Grundig 960

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Grundig 960

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Made in 1950’s

In honor of the 50th Anniversary, Grundig commissioned this special Classic 960 Anniversary Edition radio: a replica of the original 1950’s best selling  classic 960.”

The analog tuner offers great accuracy, with a smooth operating tuning dial matched to an easy-to-read frequency indicator. Volume, bass, and treble thumbwheels are arrayed on the front of the cabinet. Including three-inch side speakers on the left and right of the radio, paired with a four-inch, front-firing speaker to reinforce the radio’s bass response.

Inside this radio we find a solid-state high fidelity AM/FM/SW amplifier and 3 permanent magnet speakers.

This radio has been restored and converted with a direct MP3/iPhone line-in. USB charger and Bluetooth upgrades available.

Size: 15.3 x 7.3 x 9.3  inch


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