About 3rian Radios
Unique Antique Mp3 Docking Stations

 Founded in Brooklyn New York 2009 by audio engineer, artist, and electronics expert Brian Kenney. 3rian (pronounced "Three-rian") achieved notability with being the first to successfully merge antique radio technology with today's state-of-the-art audio electronics.


"There is something fascinating that happens within a tube," says Brian....

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Our goal is to supply our clientele with one of a kind, fine-functioning antiques, repurposed for every day use. We have developed a reputation for selecting only the most desirable and fashionable antique and vintage tube radios for our collection...


Each and every one of our radios has been disassembled, cleaned, refinished, rewired with new components, and tested to ensure a long, beautiful, proper-functioning-life. Once restored the radio is then converted to play your MP3’s through your choice of either a Bluetooth connection or a discrete direct line-in installed on back of the unit.



We will be pleased to hear any comments or questions that you may have. Thank you for taking an interest in our collection!


Contact:   Radios@3rian.com

All 3rian radios now come standard with an iPod/ MP3 Bluetooth connection, and a simple to operate switch installed on the back of the radio.


To use, power your radio on, wait for the tubes to warm, then flip the selector switch up to enjoy the radios original functionality, or switch down to activate the  Bluetooth connection + upgrades.

Down For



•MP3 Line-IN

•USB Charger


Switch up



Line-In jack

USB Charger

Selector Switch

Installed On back

*USB Charger & Line-in extra

 Upgrade Your Radio !

Line-in Upgrade


  This upgrade is our most popular choice, allowing you to safely connect almost any audio device to the back of your radio with a direct line-in wire








When Purchasing Both Upgrades!


USB Charger Upgrade


  Transform your radio into a true docking-station with a USB charger. Charge your MP3 device while playing music. Even charge when the radio is off.






 Customize It Your Way !

Do you want to have a RCA jack installed instead of the standard headphone jack line-in? How about a line-out to plug into your house system? We can customize your radio any way you'd like! Send us a message with your ideas

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